Medical hosiery in microfiber K1 "active compression"

Luropas company, that always pays attention to the new technologies in the field of the elastic hosiery production, in order to offer innovative high quality products, developed a special production line of elastic yarns covered by very thin polyamide fibers (microfiber) of a diameter less than 6/7 micron (1 micron = 1/1000 mm) that give to the covered elastic yarn a better extension and a higher elasticity making it particularly suitable in the manufacturing of graduated compression elastic covering stockings with unique characteristics of resistance, softness and transpiration.

K1 mm Hg 20-30

Characteristics: Scudotex elastic hosiery line manufactured with very high quality, double covered, elastic yarns and net-knitting that, beside favoring the skin transpiration allow to obtain a graduated compression from the low towards the top. Comfortable elastic stockings, with reinforced heel and flat seams for a better aesthetics and duration.

Characteristics "active compression":

• Decreasing graduated compression, honeycomb knitting, breathable.

• Covering, soft, smooth knitting, with reinforced heel and flat seams.

• It resists to external agents and frequent washings: long duration.