Anti-thrombus hosiery for man and woman

Being proved the efficiency of the elasto-compressive therapy in the thrombus-embolic prophylaxis, Luropas company presents a wide range of anti-thrombus hosiery with a differentiated elasticity and extensible knitting in the length and width which allows the physician to advise the patient with the most suitable model.

These anti-thrombosis medical hosiery with a special covering knitting are designed with a functional opening in order to clean and control the feet easily.

Recommended for their specific balanced elasticity in:

• the anti-thrombus and anti-embolic prophylaxis to patients constrained to stay in bed because of immobility or disability;

• after vascular surgical operations;

• before, during and after general surgical operations.

Models available:

• single hose,

• thigh highs

• knee highs.

To ensure a better compression at the ankle (cB), all models are manufactured with reinforced heel.

A colored line, embroided on the stocking, indicates the size from II to V. Hosiery to be worn according to physician’s advice.