Graduated compression elastic hosiery

More and more women of all ages wear Scudotex elastic hosiery aware of the importance of the prevention and care of their own legs.

Elegant, close-fitting and comfortable, Scudotex graduated compression stockings develop a healthy compressive and massaging action that improves the blood circulation of the legs, prevents and treats the venous insufficiency, ensuring protection and well-being.

We underline with pride that Scudotex graduated compression stockings are completely manufactured in Italy, for a better quality guarantee to safeguard final consumers.

Scudotex elastic stockings line offers a complete range of graduated compression hosiery that includes net knitting and smooth knitting models in the following styles: pantyhose, pregnancy pantyhose, thigh-high, stocking and knee high, all of them available from the preventive light compressions to the medium, medium strong and strong compressions, particularly recommended in cases of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (C.V.I.).

To fully meet the requests of the market Scudotex has recently introduced new well appreciated models, among which the net knitting open toe line 70 and 140 deniers, the net knitting opaque line 70 and 140 deniers in microfiber, the net knitting Soft Model line 70 and 140 deniers, that offers an extraordinary softness and elegance and the whole phlebology line net knitting K1-240 deniers , semitransparent, in the closed and open toe version.

We can therefore say that today, thanks to the approval met both on the Italian and foreign market, Scudotex elastic stockings represent a prestigious symbol of the Made in Italy in the world.