The dermocosmetic Natura Nobilis

The new dermocosmetic Natura Nobilis line is the result of a cooperation between Luropas company and a cosmetic certified Italian laboratory whose production strictly complies with the qualitative standards of the Italian handicraft natural cosmetic production. The products of Natura Nobilis line are prepared according to specific manufacturing protocols with the use of natural and “ecobio” ingredients that respect both the person and the environment.


Based on the thousand-year old Aleppian tradition, Natura Nobilis line combines the use of natural ingredients and the main components of the Aleppo soap that are the laurel oil and the olive oil from biologic and bio-spontaneous production, well-known for their emollient, protective, antioxidant, dermo-conditioning, anti-age, antibacterial, tonic, lenitive and antimycotic properties on the skin.