Adjustable crutches and sticks

Luropas company is glad to present the Crutches and Sticks Rekordsan line, manufactured by a high qualified company in the field of the walking aids. Rekordsan crutches and sticks are characterized by high quality, resistant materials, anatomical lines and handles that, besides lighten the body weight on the suffering limb, facilitate the walking offering high safety.

These walking aids are recommended to people who suffer from mobility problems due to trauma, surgery, temporary or permanent disability also following the advanced age. Please consult your physician for the choosing of the right walking aid.

For a correct use of the crutch, tripod or stick adjust the height before the use so that the forearm and the hand comfortably lean on the handle, so to obtain a safe movement and a firm grip.

All Rekordsan walking aids are endowed with a rubber anti-slip tip with a particular shape that assures the best adherence to the ground. The metal parts and the handles have an almost unlimited duration while the rubber tips are subjected to wear: it is therefore important to pay attention to the preservation state, replacing them when needed (they are sold separately) so to maintain the characteristic of maximum safety.

The walking aids, besides favoring the mobility, are important devices to improve or support the health and well-being of a person who suffer from temporary or permanent immobility.